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Shepherd's Center Topeka

A volunteer seniors organization that enhances physical well-being, spiritual growth, and education for life.


Members of Shepherd's Center are as diverse as the trees in a forest - there may be many in common and yet a variety can be found, which is why we offer so many different classes and activities to engage members and have so many different ways to volunteer. Some members may be 75 years and you'd never guess since they have the energy and looks of 60; some who are 65 years, may feel like they're 80. As with all stereotypes, "seniors" wish to be valued as unique individuals.

SCT is an affiliate of Shepherd's Centers of America and was started in Topeka, Kansas in 2003.

Shepherd's Center Topeka (SCT) is a community ministry sponsored by 25 congregations (both protestant and catholic).  We are open to people of all faiths, as well as those without a church affiliation, with the only requirement being that members must be 55 years or older. Located at 4101 SW 15th Street, Topeka, KS 66604, take the Gage exit off of I-470 or I-70 to 15th & Gage, turn west at the stoplight. SCT is inside the Lowman United Methodist Church on the southwest corner. SCT's capstone program Adventures in Learning! is hosted there four months of the year. The rest of the time, members participate in nine different small group activities that occur on a regular schedule throughout each month, and are hosted at several congregations or community partners. 

Shepherd's Center is solely operated by members who volunteer their time and talent under the guidance of a paid consultant/director. This ministry serves the people we walk beside, helping members to remain active, continually exercising, both mentally and physically, growing spiritually, and staying involved in our communities. Participating in classes and activities is essential to building relationships and strengthens the mission of this social ministry. 






Membership is $30 per year, payable in January. People who enroll in at least one Adventures in Learning! (which costs $30 per person for each of the four sessions per year) automatically become members.

Because we are a ministry, we do not charge for small group activities, with the exception of Travelers, a group that goes on outings where space is limited. Participants in that group must be members. If there is a fee associated with a group, it is spelled out in the Small Group Activities page. Many people CHOOSE to become members to show their support of this seniors ministry.