Annual SCT Vacation

Due to Covid, our 2021 Annual Vacation was canceled. We are planning a summer vacation trip for 2022. 

For more information, click below or call Great Adventures Tours at 785-633-8761. 

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Travelers Day Trips for Members Only

Wednesday, March 30 Day Trip - $89 Negro League Baseball Museum, KC Jazz Museum, and the Federal Reserve. Lunch at Andres near the Plaza. Click on link for more details.

Members will have the first opportunity to fill the buses before a designated deadline, or until filled.  If space is still available by the deadline, the trip may be open to non-members.  Contact Great Adventure Tours at 785-633-8761 with questions, enrollment, or cancellations.

Semi Annual Socials

Semi-Annual Socials are open to members and guests.

Our New Year Social is in January and includes our Community Partners. This event includes food, entertainment, and information about our activities.

In July, we have our Charity Social with registration and sales donated to an adopted nonprofit that does good works in our community.